About Us

Palestine Factory Company for Safes was established due to the need of the local market for safes in 2009 , and to cover the lack of iron safes of high quality . The Company produces and distributes the safes of high quality in accordance with the world best specifications for protection and security. The Company manufactures them locally according to the customers’ taste .
The Company’s factory is the only factory in Palestine which produces several kinds of safes in accordance with the customers’ need, conditions and requirements. The Factory also provides the after-sale service including maintenance , spare-parts and accessories .
The Factory also produces the reinforced protective doors for banks, financial companies and public institutions as well as protective safes for files, compacting discs (CD’s) and trust boxes.
The Company has obtained the Supervision Certificate from the Palestinian Standards and Specifications Authority ; And the Company works in accordance with the European and American specifications for anti-theft, anti fire and anti-water safes .